Ronald McDonald has several specialized shows geared towards children ages 3-10. We would be happy to discuss the appearance that would best suit your group or event.

Ronald McDonald is happy to make appearances at your community events as long as there is no alcohol being served and no profanity or "adult" themes involved. We are unable to schedule Ronald for private parties or events according to McDonald's Corporation regulations.

Contact: To request a Ronald McDonald show in the Greater Washington, DC area, please send an email to

Go Active with Ronald McDonald
"Go Active with Ronald McDonald®" is a fun and active show for both the body and mind. Ronald's friend "Arnie" just likes to stay inside his house playing video games and watching TV. Ronald and the audience try to coax Arnie out to play using improvisational games and fun activities to help set him on the road to leading a more balanced, active lifestyle. Ronald encourages everyone to burn energy by finding the activities that they like to do, make them fun and make them a habit. As Ronald says, "it's what I eat AND what I do . . . and what I do is Go Active!"

Location: "Go Active with Ronald McDonald®" is available free-of-charge to all elementary schools. This 40-minute show takes place right at your school! Go Active with Ronald McDonald is also a show the entire family can participate in and enjoy!

Grade Level: The show is great to use in elementary schools.

It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald
"It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald!®" is an entertaining and inspirational Ronald McDonald show that addresses the topic of reading in a fun and relevant way for elementary school students. Through the use of magic, music, puppets, student participation, and, of course, lots of laughter, Ronald McDonald brings a very powerful message to the children around the world – the value of books and the enjoyment that comes from reading.

Location: "It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald!" is available free-of-charge to all elementary schools and public libraries. This 45-minute show takes place right at your school!

Grade Level: Ronald's school show is designed for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Get Moving With Ronald McDonald

"Get Moving With Ronald McDonald®" is a fun-filled show that incorporates magic, music, dancing and games to get kids and families moving. "Get Moving" teaches families the importance of fitness and activity in everyday life.

Location: "Get Moving With Ronald McDonald" is available free-of- can be performed at McDonald's restaurants, community events, summer camps and other appropriate venues. The show runs for 30-minutes.

Ronald McDonald Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet is an opportunity for Ronald to be out in the community or at your local event to shake hands with the children and participate in the scheduled activities. Ronald has an array of jokes and magic tricks; balloon art and musical skills. Ronald is always available for a photo opportunity with the kids. After all, we love to see you smile!

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